Golden Syrup Suet Roly Poly



Indulge in the rich, traditional taste of our Golden Syrup Suet Roly Poly Steamed Pudding - the ultimate comfort pudding ! Made with vegetarian suet pastry our roly poly is filled with lashings of Golden Syrup and steamed. A classic take on an old fashioned roly poly pudding.  Serve warm with lashings of creamy custard or dollops of whipped cream.

Treat yourself to the delicious and nostalgic flavours of an old time classic!

Suitable for Vegan


Our traditional Syrup Suet Roly Poly is made using vegetarian suet.  Rolled and steamed into little individual portion sizes. 

Best served with lashings of custard!

Allergy Information

Allergens are listed in bold


fortified wheat flour, vegetable suet (vegetable oils(85%), golden syrup, water


Single pudding approx 150g (1 serving)

Storage & Cooking

This pudding will store for approx 7 days in the fridge or you may freeze on day of purchase.

To heat simply remove lid, place on dish and microwave for 1 minute. Alternatively to steam your pudding then place the whole pot (with lid) into either an electric steamer or a pan of water and simmer for approx 20 mins. Your pudding can be cooked from frozen in the microwave, please allow approx 2 mins cooking time.

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