Opulence Xmas Puds

Our most exclusive Christmas Pudding range yet! 

This luxury range is made using our famous traditional receipe but with extra juicy sultanas and raisins and a selection of your favourite liqueurs.

Once this pudding has been slowly steamed then we 'feed' them with a selection of different flavours. These are allowed to absorb into the pudding.  We do this 2 times over the maturing process before the pudding is finished.

Select from 

XO Brandy (in Green Organza)

Jack Daniels (in Black Organza)

Southern Comfort (in Cream Organza)

Cointreau (in Orange Organza)

All these puddings are served in a lovely sturdy re-useable gold plastic pudding basin & lid.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items